Search engine results pages(SERPs)

Search engine results pages (SERPs) show the search engine's best guess of what a visitor is looking for, and how the information on the page is related. These are the places where a search engine displays search results from various pages and sources, such as websites and local directories, after users’ search queries.

Search engine results pages(SERPs)
Search engine results pages(SERPs)


 When the result page is loaded, search results are immediately displayed to the user in a number of formats, from a single page of search results to several pages of result summary, image, and link combinations.

Because of the growing variety of websites and search engines on the web, it is necessary to rank web pages to determine which pages are more useful to web searchers. The process by which search engines determine the quality of a site and the value of that site to a user is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. SEO is a very important tool to search engine users.

Search engine results pages (SERPs) have evolved over time. Back in the day, search engine result pages (SERPs) were simply “lists” of search engine results. The list of search results was ordered alphabetically, by relevance, or by the date that the search engine performed the search (i.e. date range).

In today’s SERPs, search engines are now starting to provide more visualizations or visual displays of the search results to inform and engage their users. These visualizations may include thumbnails of the image, which may represent the subject of the search, the title of the listing, the price of the listing, as well as the keywords of the listing.

In order to make the search engine results more attractive to users, search engines have adopted a strategy of “user experience optimization”. User experience optimization includes changes to search engine result pages in order to improve the user experience. To illustrate, imagine that a user types in a search query and that they want to see a list of cars on eBay.

Search engine results pages(SERPs)


They will then submit the search query to the search engine and they may be presented with search results of a list of cars, including various categories, different price ranges, or other such filtering parameters. After a particular search query has been performed by the user, the user will likely view the list of search results and decide which ones are of interest to them and which ones are not.

In order to increase the chances of a user's search query returning search results that the user will find interesting, search engines may provide a user a list of thumbnails that may represent an image of a particular subject of the search. In doing so, search engines may provide users an image that matches the search query and an appropriate label describing the image.

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